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New York Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr.: What We Know About Ankle Injury

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. took a big hit to his lower legs during Monday night’s preseason game against the Cleveland Browns. ESPN reports that the 24-year-old player suffered a sprained ankle. The Giants tweetedthat he was tested for a concussion and cleared.

Beckham optimistically told reporters immediately after the game that he plans to play in the season-opening game against the Dallas Cowboys in a few weeks, per ESPN.

However, the Giants said Tuesday that the team does not have a timetable for Beckham’s return, per SBNation.

“Odell has an ankle [injury]. We’ll see how he responds to treatment,” said Giants’ head coach Ben McAdoo in a conference call. “Brandon [Marshall] has a shoulder [injury], and again we just have to see how these two guys respond to treatment.”

McAdoo did not respond to whether Beckham had a high ankle sprain or a low ankle sprain.

Beckham’s injury occurred in the second quarter when the Browns’ cornerback Briean-Boddy Calhoun tackled him by the legs. After, the camera showed Beckham with his face in his hands, struggling to make it to the locker room.

After getting X-Rays, Beckham returned to the bench in the second half and wasn’t wearing any pads.

Beckham had three catches for 37 yards before the injury. The Giants lost the game, 10-6.